Early Signs That You Or Your Loved One Needs Home Care Assistance

Early Signs That You Or Your Loved One Needs Home Care Assistance

How do you know if you, an aging loved one needs home care assistance? When do you know when you, as a caregiver, needs relief or assistance? When you learn to recognize the early signs of a need for assistance; or symptoms of caregiver burnout, you will then be able to seek help without any delay.

That is why we have compiled this comprehensive list at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. While we are aware that every individual, family, and situation is unique, here are some common considerations that you can look for in order to determine when you need assistance with home health care in Columbus Ohio.

Do you or your loved one…

  • Physical And Medical Signs You Need Home Health Care Assistance
    • Have less energy or sleep more often
    • Have difficulties in walking, eating, bathing, or dressing
    • Notice a variation in eating habits
    • Fall or stumble more frequently
    • Need daily or weekly treatments like IV Therapy or Dialysis
    • Take multiple medication that you need to be reminded of
    • Use medical equipment (e.g. an oxygen tank)
  • Mental Signs You Need Home Health Care Assistance
    • Feel lost, confused, or forgetful
    • Miss doctors’ appointments
    • Forget to take medications or mix up which medication to drink at a specific time
    • Overlook things or situations that pose a safety concern
    • Withdrawing money to pay unfamiliar people or companies
  • Social and emotional Signs You Need Home Health Care Assistance
    • Feeling isolated
    • Feeling stressed and frustrated
    • Feeling depressed and lonely
    • Avoiding social interaction
    • Losing interest in activities you used to enjoy

As a caregiver, do you feel…

  • Anxious about facing the next day
  • Angry about your current situation
  • Exhausted due to sleepless nights
  • Sick – not just physically but mentally as well
  • Irritable and frustrated because nothing seems to go right
  • Agitated that you can’t do more

This is just a short list that you need to consider when deciding whether or not you need home care assistance. At Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., we care greatly for you and your loved ones so please do seriously consider the signs mentioned here. Call us right away at 614-488-2266/937-502-4215 if you notice any of these signs and symptoms!

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