Why Us?

Best Choice for Home Health in Columbus OH

It has been our experience, that for most people in recovery, home health care provides a better alternative to the hospital, a long-term care facility or even a retirement residence. Home Health Care in Columbus Ohio offers a most cost effective alternative while allowing one to recuperate in the privacy of their own home.

A home health care environment provides access to the same medical professionals deemed necessary for recovery. We also find that familiar surroundings friends and family all help to preserve dignity and enhance both the quality of life and recovery.

Supreme Touch HHS advocates Home health care because:

  • It decreases the length of hospital stay and increases patient satisfaction
  • Historically it has shown improved patient outcomes
  • It creates a faster healing and recovery environment due to the comfort and familiarity of home
  • Patients have increased independence and most importantly
  • There is a continuance of care and early intervention

At Supreme Touch Home Health Services we provide managed care by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your recovery who:

  • Have been carefully screened and undergone extensive background checks
  • Have been through a rigorous interview process prior to employment
  • Will always be reliable trustworthy and professional and
  • Respect your right to privacy and independent living