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Ohio Passport Service is a service provided to older Ohioans who prefer to live independently but need some extra help in doing so. When older adults need some degree of long-term care, there is no longer the need to enter a nursing home. Ohio’s Passport Medicaid waiver program helps Medicaid-eligible Ohioans get the long-term support and services they need while staying in the privacy of their own home.

With Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio, there is a special comfort derived from living in your own home, in your community, surrounded by family and friends as against having to stay in a medical facility when needed. The cost associated with such a stay can also be prohibitive.

Once eligibility to enter the program has been established through a pre-admission screening phone interview, clients are usually presented with information on the variety of long-term care options available. At the same time, a case manager will work with the client to develop a package of in-home services available through local service providers. The Case manager is responsible for monitoring the quality of care and making changes where necessary.

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