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Columbus OH Home Health Links

The resources provided below are not by any means exhaustive. However we have found these links to be invaluable to clients and their relatives either while looking for resources, funding or education as it pertains to general health care and home health care in particular. We are also open to suggestions that we can add to this list in order to make this list as comprehensive as possible. You can provide information by filling out our form on our contact page or sending us an email.

Ohio Home Care: The Ohio Home Care Service is Medicaid’s integrated program of home care services. Ohio Home Care is administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS), Office of Ohio Health Plans, Bureau of Community Services Policy . However, ODJFS monitors compliance with the requirements for the Ohio Home Care Program through a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Joint Commission – Accreditation: Read about the Joint Commission and the merits of Accreditation.

Home Health Agency (HHA) – Ohio Department of Health: Home Health Agencies (HHAs), provide the largest number of Medicare providers managed by the Bureau of Community Health Care Facilities & Services (BCHCFS). Each year a five-percent sample of HHAs is surveyed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) based on analysis of risk. Read more about efforts of federal agencies in maintaining the standard of care in HHA.

Complaints – Health Care Facilities and Nursing Homes: Ohio Department of Health (ODH), Division of Quality Assurance, Complaint Unit maintains a centralized contact point and a coordinated information source regarding allegations submitted to the Complaint Unit involving Medicare and Medicaid. Read more about how complaints are investigated.

Senior Help: Senior Help includes links to information and resources unique to seniors including home health care, insurance, transportation, discounts, and long-term care.

Nurse Training and Online Resources: Choosing a nursing career is a very exciting and rewarding path in helping patients and working with a professional team. Understanding what training to be an RN entails will help you discover if a nursing career path is for you. Nurses do a variety of things depending on what specialty is chosen, but all nurses are trained to take blood pressure, administer medicine, do physical exams, ask questions about health history and care for their patient. Nurses work in hospitals, retirement homes, private practices and patient homes. Listed below are a few links to help better understand what getting a nursing education means.