3 Telltale Signs that You Should Look for another Physical Therapy

3 Telltale Signs that You Should Look for another Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are one of the many people who work closely with their patients. They are seen almost everywhere especially in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and even in the homes of the patients themselves as just like the physical therapists here in Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., provider of home health care in Columbus Ohio.

But just like marriages, there are patients and physical therapist relationships that do not work. Each physical therapist has their own specialty so their aptitude may not resonate with your own condition. It is just normal and you do not have to be bugged by that fact. You just simply need to look for another one who can answer your needs better.

How do you know you and your current therapist are not a match? Here are the 3 telltale signs that you should look for another physical therapist or even a different clinic or agency that offers home health care in Columbus Ohio, if ever you live in Ohio:

  • Sign #1: You have no close and harmonious relationship while working with each other.

    Once you attend your sessions, it is important to feel as if you are part of an alliance that is motivated to make and help you feel the greatest that you can be. But you do not have to be best friends with your therapist in order to have a rapport. We want you to ask yourself if you both have a therapeutic relationship that is positive every time you are in the sessions.

    Another sign that you do not have a good relationship with your physical therapist is that even if you have been working together for quite some time now, you still do not know his or her name or does not bother to know.

  • Sign #2: You do not find asking for an appointment convenient.

    There are physical therapy clinics or agencies that will let you have to wait for over a week before they can meet you. If this is the story of your life, you need to look for a new physical therapist as soon as possible. Conditions that is troubling your musculoskeletal system like back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain needs to be taken care of the moment it starts happening. If it is not, you would suffer enormous consequences in the future.

  • Sign #3: You are only given passive treatments.

    Physical therapy is a whole different field than that of physiotherapy. Although both field of study targets one’s musculoskeletal conditions, physical therapists are more hands on and involved with the patients. If the physiotherapist is the doctor, a physical therapist is the nurse. If you are only receiving passive treatments and modalities, you need to look for another people who can give you the therapy you need. Passive treatments should not only be a part of your therapy and not the therapy itself.

Looking for a physical therapist that could give you quality home health care in Columbus Ohio? Check Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. out and visit our website at www.supremetouchcare.com.

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