4 Simple Exercises that Your Elders Can Do at Home

4 Simple Exercises that Your Elders Can Do at Home

Exercise is really important for people in every stage of life. Physical activities reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses and benefit every part of the body. It is especially important for elders to improve their flexibility, strength and stamina to help them continue doing the things they love. Furthermore, it will also prevent health problems that seem to come when people age.

According to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, older adults aged 65 and above need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities a week or approximately 20 minutes of simple exercise per day. But we know that going to a gym or other fitness centres may be difficult for seniors.

Therefore, Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. suggests some simple exercises that seniors can do at home:

  • Leg Raise

    This simple exercise improves one’s balance, posture and walking. It also strengthens one’s thigh and lower back. Leg raise also reduces the fear and risks of falling and off-balances.

    Elders can begin this by holding on to a chair while raising their one leg. Their center of gravity should be at the ankle. After which, let them balance on each foot for a few seconds. To be more effective, challenge them to hold on to the chair with only a finger and then to let go of the chair completely. When they get used to this exercise, you can also dare them to increase the time from a few seconds to a full minute for each leg.

  • Lifting

    Lifting does not necessarily mean that the elder should lift heavy weights. Cans or hand weights are good enough. The goals of lifting are for strengthening the arms, building of muscles and preventing loss of bone mass. This exercise can be done either standing up or sitting down.

  • Walking

    Yep. You read it right. A round of walking is one of the simplest and most effective exercises for older adults. Walking improves blood circulation and enhances general health for it reduces the chances of having heart conditions, high blood pressure and diabetes among elders. It also strengthens the bones and muscles to alleviate symptoms of osteoporosis and arthritis.

    Walking does not only benefit an older adult physically but also mentally. Studies have shown that walking and other physical exercises reduce the chances of having Alzheimer’s Disease, a progressive disease common amongst seniors. Moreover, it lightens up mood because taking a walk releases a neurotransmitter called endorphin which reduces the perception of pain and gives off a positive feeling to the body.

  • Knee Marching

    If walking can be too tiresome for the elders, let them at least try marching in place. Knee marching can also be done while standing up or sitting down. This simple exercise is a type of cardio workout which improves one’s breathing capacity and builds up stamina. It also strengthens the lower part of the body most especially the leg muscles essential for stability and balance.

These simple exercises are just few of the many exercises that your aging loved one can do at home. Through your help, the elders can continue living healthily and independently. But if your loved ones need assistance in their personal needs, a recognized home health care in Columbus Ohio is ready to serve your loved one through our trustworthy and skilled healthcare professionals trained to attend to the specific needs of elders. Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. is always ready to assist you and your loved one with your needs. You may contact us anytime at 614-488-2266. You can also visit us at our head office at 2547 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43204.


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