7 Ways to Communicate with Difficult Senior Citizens

7 Ways to Communicate with Difficult Senior Citizens

Often, when we have our beloved senior citizens at home, we find them with their moods all over the place. More often than not, we do not understand what is going on with them. This usually causes us distress as well. At Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., we have the perfect solution for you.

It does not take much to get through the stressful situation. You do not need grand gestures or to be a saint. It is important to simply know how to communicate with our senior citizens and find out what is also bothering them. Here are 7 tips on how you can communicate with difficult senior citizens:

  1. Listen

    Communicate with the intent to listen and understand them. When we are under stress, we tend to communicate with the tendency to respond with our own understanding. Our senior citizens can be very stubborn. So, the best way would be to listen and understand their concerns. Once they are done talking, analyze the situation, and improvise from there to solve the problem.

  2. Be patient

    It can be very draining when your senior citizen is being grumpy and moody. Be patient. They will come around and they will be calmer then.

  3. Avoid force

    Asking questions is easier than having them feel threatened by being ordered to do something. Always be graceful, genuinely kind, and compassionate when it comes to understanding them. They are not their younger selves anymore. They feel things they are hesitant to tell others, including you. Give them a little more love.

  4. Ask

    Offer them things through asking. It is better to ask what they want than to assume things or do what you want. Give them the choices of what can be done or what they can have. It will give them a clearer picture of what could be their issue and tell you when they figure it out.

  5. Explain

    Explain to them why they need to take their medications, why they need to do certain therapy, or why they need to do a health routine. Simply help them understand when they are confused. They are also just trying to comprehend what is going on and why it’s happening.

  6. Keep your cool

    Try assessing the situation to better address it. If you are also going to be grumpy and cranky, nothing will ever get done. Keep your cool in all situations. Practice thinking fast than responding with impulsive stimuli. If they need your help, listen. If they are talking about something they are feeling, listen. Assess the situation and be responsive to their concerns through effective understanding of their issue.

  7. Do not hold a grudge

    They are old and weary. Sometimes, even they do not understand the way they feel. Just love them. Just care for them. One day, we will be where they are and we will understand what they are feeling.

Allow us to lend you a hand in taking care of your senior citizens through our Home Health Services in Ohio. For further information on caregivers providing home health care in Columbus Ohio, explore our website for a broader output on what we can do for you!

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