A Happy Life at Home: How to Make a House Less Prone to Falls and Accidents for Seniors

A Happy Life at Home: How to Make a House Less Prone to Falls and Accidents for Seniors

In-home care services are a great feature and wonder of the healthcare industry. By bringing the care assistance to one’s home, patients now have a choice to continue living their lives and pursuing their interests at the comforts of their own abode. Because home health care comes in a variety of services, seniors and patients are able to receive personalized care tailored to their needs—all done within the place near and dear to their hearts: home.

With in-home care services, though, comes the topic of the house itself. If your elderly loved ones prefer to live by themselves in their own homes, it is important to make sure that it is not the house itself that may bring harm, injury, or discomfort to their day-to-day living. Fortunately, it is not difficult to make the right changes, alterations, or additions to an ordinary house.

Aside from employing providers of quality and reliable home health care in Columbus Ohio, it is important to take account these steps and tips in ensuring that your senior loved ones would live safe, secure, and healthy lives in their own homes:

  • Pathways, Entrances, and Exits
    • Avoid having steps in the house as much as possible, as these are where most fall-related injuries stem from. Create no-rise entryways by installing ramps.
    • Install non-slip flooring material in the entryways of the house.
    • Scruff slippery surfaces outside the house, especially in the pathway leading to the door entrance. You may also add non-slip strips as stepping areas for better footing.
    • Keep at least one entryway covered as much as possible to avoid rain-caused accidents.
  • Kitchen and Pantry
    • Use kitchen appliances with easy-to-read controls, and simple, push-button interfaces.
    • Have a side-swing oven for easier accessibility.
    • Have an open-shelf design for shelves in the pantry for easy access to frequently used items.
    • Install pressure-balanced valves to provide water at a steady temperature in order to prevent burns or high temperature-related injuries.
  • Bathroom and Toilet
    • Install sturdy handlebars in different critical areas in the bathroom, like the ones near the toilet and shower area. Make sure the bars can support full weight.
    • Add effective non-slip flooring or mats, especially in the shower area
    • Have a fold-down seat or bench in the shower with padded backs for comfort.
    • Install proper lighting in the bathroom.

Once the house is customized to be a safer and more convenient abode for your senior loved ones, all that’s left is finding the right personalized home health services in Ohio that can readily meet your elderly loved ones’ unique needs and lifestyle.

Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. is a healthcare provider in Ohio that aims to improve the quality of life for seniors by providing a wide range of services—such as skilled nursing, occupational and physical therapy, and home health aide assistance—with a well-assessed care plan to suit the overall day-to-day life of your loved ones.

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