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Goals and Functions of Occupational Therapy


Not everyone is familiar with how occupational therapy works. That is why most healthcare provider in Ohio ensure that their patients are well-informed before undergoing this type of therapy. Explaining to them the process and the results they can gain from it.

Occupational therapists have direct contact with individuals who have different types of disabilities and different levels of functional limitations. In short, OT interventions significantly affect a person’s personal autonomy, health, and quality of life. One can get this therapy from providers of home health services in Columbus, Ohio.

Compared to other therapies, what exactly are the goals and functions of occupational therapy? Listed below are the following:

  • Promote and maintain health
  • Diminish and control pathology
  • Restore and reinforce a person’s functional capacity or mobility
  • Facilitate learning of skills and functions that are critical so that patients can adapt to their environment quickly

Occupational therapists usually perform functional assessments of joint range of motion and muscle strength to help patients increase their pain threshold and tolerance, improve strength, mobility, dexterity, and coordination, and evaluate sensory, perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral capacities.

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