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Improving Seniors’ Health During Pandemic

Improving Seniors’ Health During Pandemic

Seniors are at high risk for complications from COVID-19. Statistics have shown that older adults are dying at a higher rate compared to younger patients. While this pandemic has been rattling the healthcare system all over the world, we should always remember that research is ongoing so that we can follow safer measures in taking care of our elderly patients at home, at the medical facilities, and in nursing homes. That is why our home health services in Columbus, Ohio are abiding by updated protocols for the care and protection of seniors, whether afflicted by the virus or not.

As a way to improve seniors’ health, testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 should be the initial step as more stringent measures should be adopted for carriers and seniors who have contracted COVID-19. The pandemic has caused a lot of countries to issue lockdown and/or stay-at-home orders. While this can be damaging to businesses and the economy at a large scale, it is necessary to arrest and eventually stop the spread of the virus by means of halting physical contact. Seniors may already be experiencing isolation at home or at caregiving facilities. This is why caregivers and other attending healthcare professionals must use protective equipment and still do regular visits and check-ups on their elderly patients. Our attending healthcare provider in Ohio follow these measures as well.

Because symptoms of COVID-19 are respiratory in nature, it may be difficult to manage these sometimes when present among seniors who have underlying conditions such as COPD. If you need more information about seniors’ health, contact us at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. Our home care agency in Franklin County, Ohio will be glad to help.

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