Nutrients Senior Citizens Need for Better Health


It is not unknown to us that senior citizens are at higher risk for numerous diseases. These diseases are often caused by many factors which include lifestyle and diet. We live the way we want and we eat whatever we want. We don’t bother to consider how these would affect our bodies and unconsciously, our health is compromised.

To counter and prevent diseases from coming, Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. recommends that we always remember to incorporate these key nutrients in our diet:

  1. Folic Acid or Folate. Without enough folate in our body, we may be at high risk for anemia. Elderly individuals who do not eat fruits and vegetables should take supplements with folate.
  2. Vitamin B12. Red blood cells and DNA cannot be produced without sufficient amount of Vitamin B12. Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and milk products are great sources of this vitamin.
  3. Calcium. Calcium is most needed by senior citizens whose bones begin to become brittle. To get enough calcium in the body, we should consume kale, broccoli, smoothies made with yogurt, and fruit, as well as dairy products.
  4. Vitamin D. This particular vitamin is essential in absorbing calcium and for protection against chronic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Known sources of Vitamin D are salmon, tuna and eggs.
  5. Magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in keeping our immune system strong. To fill our body with magnesium, we should likewise fill our plates with fresh fruits, nuts, whole grains, beans, and seeds.
  6. Fiber. In promoting a healthy digestion, fiber is necessary. Eating whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables will give us enough amount of fiber.
  7. Potassium. Popular for reducing high blood pressure and risk of kidney stones, potassium also keeps the bones strong. This essential nutrient can be taken from bananas, prunes, plums, and potatoes.
  8. Omega-3. Unsaturated fats have a wide range of benefits; this includes slowing the progression of macular degeneration and preventing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. To get enough amounts of omega-3 fats, we should eat tuna, salmon, mackerel, flaxseed, walnuts, and soybeans.
  9. Water. Drinking water is a necessity and because of this, we might have ignored the fact that it is crucial for good health. Nutritionists suggest that we drink at least five big glasses of water every day to get sufficient hydration for our body.

It is also worthy to note that diet alone will not be enough to hinder illness from coming. Every senior citizen, including those who already need services from a Home Health Care in Columbus Ohio, should reinforce it with exercise every day.
Now, are you prepared to revamp your diet for a healthier you?

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