The Detrimental Effects of Hearing Loss among Seniors

The Detrimental Effects of Hearing Loss among Seniors

Aging affects older people with different kinds of physiological changes including the sense of the hearing. As we age, our ability to hear sounds and noise gradually decrease. This is one of the most common inevitable conditions that affect every one of us. 1 out of 3 people aged 65 and above have hearing conditions and this older population is currently increasing.

People who suffer with moderate to severe hearing loss have a hard time in understanding people, following their doctor’s advice, responding to warnings, and even hearing doorbells and alarms. Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., a steadfast quality provider of home health care in Columbus Ohio, sees a major concern from this point forward.

If your elderly loved ones have trouble in hearing, they are highly at risk especially if they are unaccompanied at home and this condition remains untreated. Yes! Age-related hearing loss might be inevitable but there are already modified therapies and options to improve hearing once again. It would be best if their family members would be better prepared in dealing this situation with them since they could not possibly cope up from thecircumstances without you.

Meeting new people

Even if your elders can still communicate well with your family and friends, others outside their circle might find it difficult to understand them and vice-versa. For instance, other people who they might meet in the future do not know of their hearing problem, normally, they would find it confusing and may result to ending the conversation without any resolution.

Emotional build-up

Being unable to hear properly can provide room for a wide-range of negative feelings—anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, and so on—when it comes to social interactions. Isolation and depression can indeed be developed because of the communications failures they encounter every now and then, they might feel discouraged and stop getting involved in social activities and community events. Negative feelings might build on each other that could cause greater emotional and mental harm.

Mental and physical fatigue

Your elderly loved ones are consciously working twice or triple times the effort of trying to hear what is being said. However, this could cause mental and physical exhaustion which can result to negative repercussions to their health. Why? Other parts of your older parents’ brain try to compensate your hearing sense if they cannot hear well. The more tired they become, the more difficult it is to really engage them in conversations.

Risks for safety and security

Hearing loss is also one of the causes of elders having slips and falls. In some instances, they may not have heard the noises that have tried to alert him or her to avoid that situation. A concrete example would be calling them out in the sight of a potential threat on their way. They could slip or fall for not hearing you. This and the what-not of it can make safety a bigger concern for them.

You can do something about this, though. Call us Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., a determined quality provider of home health care in Columbus Ohio more information and assistance!

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