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Understanding Diabetes and Its Classifications

Understanding Diabetes and Its Classifications

Diabetes is common among seniors as the risk of acquiring the condition increases with age. As your Home Care Agency in Franklin County Ohio, we understand the complications and further risks that come along with the condition. Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. is prepared to help your senior loved ones manage diabetes.

Managing diabetes starts with understanding the condition. Your trusted Healthcare provider in Ohio will gladly walk you through. Gaining a deeper understanding of diabetes empowers the patients and their families in making better choices.

Home Health Services in Columbus, Ohio enables patients to live life to the fullest. With proper guidance and the right action, diabetic loved ones can manage through.

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes can affect many people regardless of age or race. In this case, insulin is not produced by the body. Insulin is a critical hormone that allows the body to absorb glucose from the bloodstream for energy production. Insulin therapy and other treatments can help manage type 1 diabetes. In the Type 2 form of diabetes, insulin is not used properly. This means the body cannot regulate blood sugar levels. Managing this condition requires maintaining a proper diet and staying fit.

There are different ways to manage diabetes depending on the type a patient has. A good collaboration between the patient and the healthcare provider remains the key strategy in managing any condition.

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