Understanding How Your Loved One’s Needs Differ From Yours


Letting go of the ways of our youth allows us to prepare for the things that await us as we age. By the time we hit our 30’s, our bodies may want to take a less complicated route in celebrating life compared to our active lifestyles back when we were in our 20’s.

This same idea goes with how our aging loved ones feel that we take things too fast.

For example, when you go out together for a stroll in the park, we may think that we are going at a fine pace. But to them, we may still be going too fast. In this case, we should let them set the pace for our walks.

Our home health services in Ohio are designed to accommodate the unique needs of our senior clients. They can give time for families to understand the reasons behind their aging loved one’s discomfort and pain.

  • Provide Comfortable Furniture
    For some seniors, getting up from low furniture only aggravates the pain in their lower backs. Provide lower back support to any existing type of chair by adding a pillow that molds into the form of their lower backs.
  • Keep Things Accessible
    Sometimes, it is beneficial to rearrange things around the house to prevent unwanted falls. Reaching up to high places, like when you get dishware from a hanging cupboard, may be easy for us. But this can be dangerous for seniors. Consider rearranging items in the kitchen and furniture in the living room or bedroom.
  • Have Emergency Features
    Seniors who live on their own are highly prone to medical emergencies. Have emergency features like a cordless phone they can keep on their person or a speed dial on their cellphone that can immediately call emergency medical teams (EMTs). Another step would be to secure emergency buttons in strategic places around the house. You can also get help from a provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio.

Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. serves not just our senior clients but also their families by giving them peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are in safe and skilled hands.

As a trusted home healthcare provider in Ohio, we can provide the care you need for your senior loved ones. Schedule a home health assessment today.

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