What Can You Do with Loss of Appetite in Seniors?

5 What Can You Do with Loss of Appetite in Seniors?

The loss of appetite is very risky for our aging family members. This is because they may not be able to eat healthy food options, which are very necessary to promote their health and well-being. With regular healthy meals, your senior loved one can have the right nutrients that their body needs. As a result, their physical health greatly improves.

When your senior loved one already manifests symptoms of appetite loss, our Healthcare providers in Ohio can be of assistance to them. The way to address this is to first identify what causes appetite loss. Once this is found out, you can now administer the kind of assistance that your loved one needs. Here are the common causes of appetite loss:

  • Loss of Senses of Smell and Taste

    Seniors can have declined senses as the years go by. When they have this sense reduction, they can find it hard to feel hungry, which keeps them from eating right. To address this, you can enhance the food’s flavoring so that it can be strong enough to attract their smell and taste. There are many available herbs and spices that provide these distinct flavoring.

  • Vision Problems

    Another reason why seniors can lose appetite is their natural decline of clear vision. These can be triggered by eye conditions such as cataract, a very common eye problem in seniors. Seniors will not be interested to eat when they don’t clearly see what is in front of them. You can overcome this by taking your loved one for an eye checkup so they can be prescribed with eyeglasses. Providers of home health care in Columbus Ohio can also accompany them to these eye doctor appointments.

  • Medicine Reactions

    Some medications can also cause certain reactions in the body, which affects their appetite and eating habits. Hence, if your loved one is being prescribed with new medications, ask about the side effects of these drugs. When medication side effects are observed, their doctor can also make the necessary adjustments with the dosage.

  • Difficult Bowel Movements

    Constipation problems are another reason why seniors can have a loss of appetite. This bowel problem helps them feel like they are already full. Because of that, they will not feel hungry anymore. To minimize that, serve your loved one with fiber-rich foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

  • Mouth Problems

    Loss of appetite in seniors can also be caused by oral problems, making them feel pain while eating or swallowing. When this happens, ensure that your loved one gets checked for their oral pains. Furthermore, serve them with softer foods so swallowing problems can be reduced.

When our aging family member experiences appetite loss, their overall health can be at risk. This is where our team can help you especially in providing Home Health Services in Ohio. At Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., you can rely on our team to assist your loved one. If you’d like to inquire about our services, call us.

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