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What Do Bones Do and How Do We Keep Them Healthy?

What Do Bones Do and How Do We Keep Them Healthy?

A human’s bones provide several functions for the body. They provide structure and form, protect internal organs, and store calcium. Additionally, bones house the bone marrow, which is necessary for the production of red blood cells. With all that said, the importance of our bones comes to light. 

However, when we are younger, we do not always think about our bones or even think about their health. As we age, we realize that our bones may not be the same as they were before.

Do not worry, though, as there are several steps we can make to keep them healthy. As a healthcare provider in Ohio, we have compiled them below:

  • Eat plenty of calcium-rich food.
    Calcium is necessary for the creation of bones. Their presence also determines the density of your bones.
  • Get plenty of Vitamin D and K.
    Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium well. On the other hand, vitamin K helps in the hardening of the bones.
  • Do weight-bearing and resistance exercises.
    Performing this kind of exercise increases bone strength and bone mineral density. Be sure to consult with a physical therapist from a reputable home health services in Columbus, Ohio, as they can create a personalized exercise for you.

By following the tips above, you will surely help keep your bones healthy.

We at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., a home care agency in Franklin County Ohio, want you to achieve your goal. Thus, if you require any assistance, whether by preparing bone-healthy foods or by helping with exercise, feel free to contact us. We offer an array of services for your convenience.

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