6 Tips: Caring for a Senior Loved One Who Has a Cold

When your aging loved one is residing with you, their health and safety are your top concerns. One of your common foes will be colds.

While colds appear mostly in the cold season, it can also appear during any time of the year. As your partners in providing quality home health services in Ohio, let us share with you these important tips for when your senior loved one catches a cold:

  1. Make sure that they’re hydrated.

    With a sufficient amount of fluid intake, their nasal congestion can be loosened while they avoid the ill effects of dehydration. Aside from water, you can also help your loved one stay hydrated with pure fruit juices, warm broths, or warm lemon juice with honey.

  2. Consume vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables.

    Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and fortifies the body against cold infections. Fruits rich in vitamin C include oranges and lemons. For supplements, you can ask your loved one’s physician for a recommendation on what supplement to take.

  3. Soothe a sore throat when your aging loved one gets it because of their colds.

    With the recommendation from providers of home health care in Columbus, Ohio, prepare a saltwater gargle for your aging loved one so their sore throat can be relieved. You can also ask the pharmacist for over-the-counter lozenges.

  4. Let them get enough rest.

    When they get enough rest, their bodies can recuperate and be more prepared to fight off the cold infection, helping them to recover faster.

  5. Take medications.

    There’s a lot of over-the-counter medicines that you can give to your senior loved one so that their cold will be treated. You can ask your nearby pharmacy for such medication.

    If you prefer a doctor-prescribed treatment, but can’t accompany your loved one for the checkup, a healthcare provider in Ohio can keep them company to these health visits. Our healthcare professionals can also assist your aging loved one in taking these medicines at home.

  6. Relieve their stuffy nose.

    Most colds make it difficult to breathe, and this can be discomforting for our senior loved ones. But when they’re breathing well, they can also relax better, helping them to sleep more and recover faster.

    While there are nasal drops or sprays available in any drugstore, don’t forget to inquire from their physician on what medication is ideal for them.

Taking care of our aging loved one with a cold demands time and effort. When this becomes difficult to achieve, our team at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. can help you. Whenever you need our assistance, feel free to get in touch.


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