Senior Care: Tips for Disinfecting Your Home

As family caretakers, we’re at the forefront of keeping our whole family free from germs. Thankfully, we have knowledge and information as our key ally.

Furthermore, with assistance from quality providers of home health services in Ohio, we can ensure that our home is safe and secure for our loved ones, especially if we have elderly members who need extra care.

In fighting off germs, our first line of defense at home is disinfection. When we disinfect our homes properly, we can protect our loved ones from common colds, flu, and other infectious diseases.

Here are important care tips that we would like to share with you as your partner in providing home health care in Columbus, Ohio:

  • Use disinfectant materials like soap and hot water. These are essential at home, especially if you don’t have antibacterial cleaners available.
  • Use an improvised disinfectant mixture of bleach and water. The ideal mixture is a cup of bleach along with a gallon of water.
  • Let disinfectants set on a surface for three to five minutes before drying them off.
  • Disinfect frequently used surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, refrigerator handles, cutting boards, and sink faucets.
  • Wipe the surfaces with dishcloths washed with hot water, and make sure that these are replaced every day.
  • Whenever there are spills, clean them up immediately.
  • Ensure that all trash bins are securely covered and emptied every night. Don’t forget to spritz the trash bins with sanitizing sprays.
  • When you have little ones at home, wash their toys once a week. Immerse them in soapy water and use other disinfectants. Ensure that these are rinsed well before drying.
  • Ensure that children’s items, such as pacifiers and feeding tools, should be washed regularly and sanitized properly.
  • When caring for aging loved ones who are bedridden, make sure that their rooms and bed sheets are well-sanitized.

With assistance from highly qualified healthcare providers in Ohio, you can keep your abode safe and free from illness.

Our team at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. is ready to answer your care needs, whether it has to do with medical assistance or non-medical concerns. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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