Chase Depression Away with Physical Therapy

Chase Depression Away with Physical Therapy

There are countless reasons why a person may need physical therapy. One is that they may have to ask expert help in order to regain a physical ability such as walking. Others may include coping with an effect of a certain disease. But did you know that with physical therapy, you can prevent yourself from succumbing to depression?

How is this possible? Here are ways on how physical therapy can chase depression away:

  • Restoration of physical abilities

    Accidents, diseases, and disabilities make a person seek the help of a physical therapy. A physical therapist is able to restore one’s physical abilities. And with the restoration comes more opportunities for the patient to venture on.

    Through a restored capability, they will be able to do a hobby and even fulfill a goal they have been dreaming all their life. And if they are able to do so, no longer will they feel depressed.

  • Activities at home

    As a provider of home health care in Columbus Ohio, we have come across with various patients who do not have to go out their house to receive healthcare services. After all, this is the goal Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. is trying to achieve.

    We want patients to be comfortable as we help them fight the current undertakings circumstances and their body has for them. It is indeed a blessing for all the patients here in Ohio especially those who find it hard to move around, let alone go out of their houses to receive treatment.

    But according to a famous science law, every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Many people may benefit from this service of ours but it can come with a price: depression and isolation.

    With physical therapy, you are able to exercise therefore increasing your dopamine levels. When your dopamine level is at a good point, you will become happier as you start your day right.

  • Good way to exercise

    Speaking of starting your day right, physical therapy is also a good platform for you to exercise.

    Our body is built for mobility. We have legs that enable us to walk from short to long distances. We have hands that aid us as we move around. Our upper limb enables us to do a variety of motions for us to execute a certain task. Exercising can bring about a lot of benefits to our body.

    As disabilities hinder you from moving around, your physical therapy is there to remind your body of what it is like to do so. When we navigate our way to different places, we increase our happy hormones, therefore, making us upbeat and on a good mood. It also decreases our stress hormones, the ones responsible for making us grumpy and bitter.

    Aside from that, exercising can make us feel good about ourselves. Because we have done something beneficial to our body, we smile as we see the results in the form of lesser fat buildup around our belly area. After all, who does not want to be sexy?

  • Feeling young

    Physical therapy restores our disability. With that being said, it can also restore the way we see the world.

    Seniors who are in their prime years have a problem in moving around. That is why most of them turn grumpy as they feel insecure and envious of the capabilities the younger ones can achieve.

    Through physical therapy, the bodies of our older adults are reminded of what it used to feel and function when it is in its younger years. For this reason, the elderly will find enjoyment in their lives once again as they put themselves out there and have fun.

It is no fun when you keep yourself shut inside the four corners of your house. Staying at home can drive anyone to a point of loneliness. And when the decision to remain in one’s abode is due to a disability, depression will surely occur.

Do not let depression take over your life. Enjoy our physical therapy services in your home by visiting us at

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