Six Tips for Caring for a Loved One after a Stroke

Six Tips for Caring for a Loved One after a Stroke

May is Stroke Awareness Month. And any person who survives a stroke must have the right care in place to make sure that his/her needs are met. While most patients are discharged from the hospital and return home to recover, the stroke can significantly decrease the patient’s quality of life and impact his/her ability to engage in daily activities. If your loved one is recovering from a stroke, support from an experienced and professional caregiver may be required. Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. knows the challenges that come with caring for a family member following a stroke so we provide the helpful tips below:

  1. Evaluate the Patient’s Needs

    Along with his/her needs, it is also important to assess his/her ability to fulfill his/her needs. Your loved one may need assistance with personal care like bathing and dressing, health care needs that include medical appointments and medication, financial management as well as improvement of his/her functional ability.

  2. Stay Positive

    Recovering from a stroke can be a lengthy process and your loved one may feel depressed and frustrated as he/she returns home. As his/her caregiver, you have to try to lift his/her spirit by giving him/her praises for any signs of progress. Reassure him/her that you are just there for him/her.

  3. Ensure His/Her Safety

    Talk to an occupational therapist on changes that may have to be done at home. For instance, you may need to move the bedroom to the first floor. Is grab bar installation a must? Get ideas from the professional on how else you can make the home a safe place for your loved one.

  4. Be Aware of the Risk of Factors of Another Stroke

    People who experience a stroke are at risk of experiencing another stroke. Thus, you need to concentrate on reducing the risk. Let your loved one maintain a healthy diet and encourage him/her to perform exercises a physical therapist may allow. Also, ensure that your loved one takes his/her medicines as prescribed by his/her doctor.

  5. Don’t Try to Overdo the Care

    Because you really want your loved one to be safe while recovering, you may want him/her to just sit and relax. However, he/she needs that kind of care that helps him/her recover and perform typical daily tasks again. Doing too much for him/her can only frustrate him/her and negatively affect his/her recovery. Focus on encouraging him/her to do as much as he/she can because this can boost his/her independence and confidence.

  6. Be Patient at All Times

    Stroke can physically damage your loved one’s brain which makes it hard to relearn even simple tasks. This can impact movement and balance as well as his/her cognitive skills that will in turn result to issues in memory, concentration and attention issues.

We specialized in home health care in Columbus Ohio. If your loved one is recovering from a stroke, call us at 614-488-2266 today. We will help him/her improve his/her quality of life and recovery.


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