Signs that Your Senior Loved Ones Need a Caregiver

Signs that Your Senior Loved Ones Need a Caregiver

Determining whether or not your loved ones need a caregiver can be difficult as they start to go through the aging process. That is why you need to be observant for cues that they may already need assistance with daily tasks. Do not wait for a possibly serious instance to happen before you hire a caregiver. Here are some signs to watch for:

  • They Ask the Same Questions Repeatedly

    If your loved ones ask the same question or tell the same story over and over again, they may be suffering from dementia. This becomes worse when your loved ones become confused or lost in familiar places. Forgetfulness indicates the onset of a kind of dementia.

  • They Miss Their Medications

    You have probably observed that your loved ones start to miss doses of their medicines. This can put their health at risk if they are suffering from a serious illness. A caregiver reminds them to take their medications as prescribed by their doctor.

  • Display Changes in Look

    They may be that persons who wear only well-pressed clothes or always want their hair done well before. But these are not main concerns for them now. Also, you observe that your loved one is looking frail and thin. Weight loss and poor hygiene can indicate an inability to keep up with tasks like cleaning and cooking.

  • They Do Not Eat Their Foods

    Your loved ones’ fridge may be full of spoiled, uneaten food. This can indicate that they may have a problem cooking the foods they love to eat or even shopping for grocery.

  • Have Financial Management Problems

    Your used-to-be-financially-responsible loved ones are now splurging on things that they actually do not need. The worse is when they cannot correctly calculate numbers or pay their bills on time. Another problem faced by seniors these days is falling victims to scams and fraud. As their caregiver, you need to see signs and take action right away to protect them from getting into financial troubles.

  • Experience Car Accidents and Get Tickets

    In case your loved ones are involved in several accidents or have some citations or warnings, dents or scrapes on their cars, you may have to talk to them about driving. If you can confirm that they are not safe drivers anymore, talk to them about giving up the keys and hire a caregiver who can drive the car for them.

  • They Isolate Themselves

    Your loved ones may be disconnected from family, friends and the community. A deteriorating support system can have negative effects on their mental and physical wellbeing. So ensure they have companions in their home to help them enjoy the activities they used to take part in.

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