Convincing Loved Ones to Accept Home Health Services

Convincing Loved Ones to Accept Home Health Services

Seniors refusing home help adamantly after hospitalization are a common case scenario. What makes them shun the Home Health Services in Ohio? And what can you do to convince your loved ones to avail of home health care?

The Case of Saying No

84-year-old Robert*, hospitalized due to a back wound he sustained after falling, said he didn’t need home health care help at home. He insisted to the point of arguing that the social worker had to cancel the services he needed and sent him home without follow-up care.

“Trying to convince him over the phone was upsetting,” his daughter and primary caregiver said. “Long-distance caregiving is difficult as it is. It would have been comforting to know someone’s seeing to his health care needs for a few weeks. But he won’t hear me out.”

According to a study, Robert is one of the 28% of patients who say a crisp “No” to home health care offered to them after a hospital stay. Unfortunately, their refusal to accept the said services doubles the possibility of hospital readmissions within a month or two, the research continued.

Why Resist Help?

  • They believe home care and home health care are the same
    They don’t want someone helping them with activities they’ve been doing on their own for years.
  • They associate these types of services to losing their independence and privacy
    Many seniors worry that having a home health aide at home is the first step to taking that independence and that sense of privacy away.
  • They strongly believe it’s their family caregiver’s responsibility to take care of them
    Your senior loved one may have unrealistic expectations from you as their primary caregiver. Getting professional help might make them think badly of you – that you’re neglecting your responsibilities and that you think of them as an inconvenience.
  • They’re concerned about the finances
    They don’t want to be a financial burden to the family.

Strategies That Could Help Opening Them up to Home Health Care

  • Communicate with them
    Communication goes both ways for you and your loved one. Talking and listening are integral to finding a middle ground.
  • Change the outlook
    Don’t just voice out a frustrated “You need help!” Phrase your language along the lines of “They can help you take better care of yourself until you can do so on your own” instead.
  • Break things down
    Letting them know what services to expect from their healthcare provider in Ohio, the recommended length for each, and how much they cost will help them open up to accepting help.
  • Take note of their concerns
    Let your loved ones get to know their healthcare team first. Listen when they tell you about being uncomfortable with their nurses or aides.

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