Top 4 Reasons Why Seniors Can Be at Risk of Falls

Top 4 Reasons Why Seniors Can Be at Risk of Falls

In your loved one’s aging years, the risks in maintaining health and safety can increase. There are many reasons for this and that is why a Healthcare provider in Ohio should always be on their side to reduce the occurrences of these risks.

One major risk that is common among seniors is falling. Since many elderly prefer to stay indoors, the falling instances also occur inside where they are. At their age, falls are already a major risk as these can lead to further health complications, injuries, and disabilities. You need to be watchful for the safety and well-being of your loved one, especially when they have higher chances of falling due to the following factors:

  1. Side Effects of Medications

    In the aging season, our loved ones can be prescribed with more and more medications. However, these medicines can also have side effects such as dizziness or weaknesses, especially when not adhered properly. Whenever there’s a new prescription given to your loved one, ensure that you ask about the possible side effects. Knowing the side effects can prepare you better on how to keep them from falling incidents. You can also request a professional providing Home Health Services in Ohio to keep them company when nobody else in the family can attend to them.

  2. Symptoms of Chronic Ailments

    Dizziness is a common indicator that your loved one is not in good physical state. Aside from this a medication side effect, dizziness can also be a symptom of an illness that has not been diagnosed yet. When they’re expressing concern about feeling dizzy, don’t wait for any falls to take place. Get them to their doctor for a checkup so you will know what causes these instances. The earlier they are diagnosed, the sooner you can be able to help them experience a quality life.

  3. Agility Changes

    Seniors can also experience changes in their agility, which can keep them from being steady and straight in special circumstances. This is a normal consequence of aging, which is beyond anybody’s control. However, you can help improve this through quality exercises or with the assistance of a physical therapist that also provide home health care in Columbus Ohio.

  4. Vision Challenges

    Seniors also encounter changes in their vision, which affects their ability to move around safely. Small clutters on the floor can be hazardous to your aging loved one because they don’t get to see these clearly. One small trip can lead to unhealthy consequences of falling. Get their eyes checked so they can make use of visual devices to increase their eye’s clarity.

As your partner in getting quality health care at home, our team at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. will be here to ensure that your senior loved one will get timely help and prevent these risks at home. If you require our services, set an appointment with our team today.

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