Food Choices and Proper Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Food Choices and Proper Nutrition for Healthy Aging

It is never too late to make smarter food choices. Healthy eating is part of staying healthy as you age. A healthy eating pattern, however, is not a rigid prescription. Some seniors tend to shy away from healthy eating just because they think it’s hard to follow just like prescription medications.

As a healthcare provider in Ohio, we know seniors must be more cautious with what they eat because of the natural health decline that comes with aging. It is important for seniors to always focus on variety, nutrient density, and amount. This means they need to meet their nutrient needs within calorie limits and choose a variety of nutrient-rich foods across food groups in recommended amounts.

It is also important for seniors to limit their intake of sugar, saturated fat, and sodium. Making healthy food shifts will also definitely help in keeping a healthier eating pattern. Shift from fruit products with added sugars, such as sweet fruity biscuits, to fresh fruits; from refined grains to whole grains; from high-calorie snacks to nutrient-dense snacks. Some of these will also meal preparation skills. If you need assistance with this, our home health services in Columbus, Ohio can help!

Eating healthy foods is a must. Never miss out on the vitamins and nutrients that your aging body needs.

To pursue healthy eating, call Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. to learn more more. We are a home care agency in Franklin County, Ohio that focuses on the healthy aging of seniors.

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