Rehabilitative Therapies That Can Help You

Rehabilitative Therapies That Can Help You

Individuals living with unique health conditions that make it difficult to move around and perform their activities of daily living deserve access to services that will make life much better and easier for them. They deserve to keep their homes safe and comfortable where they can achieve better health outcomes.

This is why Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. provides quality home health services in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. We bring therapeutic solutions straight to our patient’s home.

As a reliable healthcare provider in Ohio, we offer:

  • Physical Therapy
    We help individuals who are living with an injury or disability regain their optimal physical function through individualized exercise programs and treatment strategies.
  • Occupational Therapy
    For individuals who find it difficult to perform activities of daily living due to underlying health conditions, our occupational therapists can help them get acquainted with routines and other therapeutic solutions.
  • Speech Therapy
    Some conditions cause difficulty in speaking and swallowing, which is why our speech-language pathologists are here to help patients overcome such challenges.

For more information about how our home care agency in Franklin County, Ohio can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at a time of your convenience.

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