Maintaining an Elderly Person’s Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining an Elderly Person’s Healthy Lifestyle

As people grow older, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes more challenging. Many factors, such as physical disabilities and mental health conditions, are becoming a hindrance to the senior’s good health. However, this is only true if the senior lives at home on their own or are left to take care of themselves most of the time. With a trusted home health care provider, like our experienced and knowledgeable staff at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., helping seniors achieve a healthy lifestyle can’t be any easier. The following factors are the keys to help seniors achieve optimum health at old age.

  • Personal Hygiene

    Having proper hygiene, such as washing before and after taking meals and bathing regularly is important in preventing common infections and diseases. Not being able to shower every single day is alright as long as their bodies are properly wiped and cleaned in between bath days. However, personal care, especially showering, is a challenging task for seniors, whether it’s because of physical disability or mental health diseases. Leaving elderly people to shower on their own would be too dangerous as old age and diseases make them susceptible to slipping and falling down on the floor, one of the most fatal accidents for people beyond the retirement age. Having someone to provide bathing assistance and personal care would probably save their lives.

  • Healthy Meals

    Proper and balanced diet is important not only to prevent diseases but also to manage the ones they are already suffering from. While there are types of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that are generally good for everyone of all ages and with different health conditions, it’s still best to have a nutritionist or dietician to determine the most appropriate diet that will work well with the unique health needs of every elderly person as well as the foods that they should avoid at all cost. Aside from that, it’s also important to have someone to assist in preparing the elderly’s meals and make sure that they are eating on time and what is prescribed for them.

  • Medications

    Medications are important in maintaining an elderly person’s health. Because their bodies are no longer as healthy as they used to be and are storing nutrients in a different way, they are prone to being malnourished. Medications and vitamins serve as supplements to sustain their health and condition. Adhering to the physician’s prescription and taking medicines on time will help them be as healthy as they can be at their age.

  • Exercise

    The benefits of exercising go beyond the physical aspect. Being active not only improves mobility and cardiovascular health but also improve their mental health, reduce the risks of depression and help manage Alzheimer’s or dementia.

  • Socialize

    Because elderly people are usually bound at home, they experience social isolation. This condition leads to having emotional problems and depression. Most of the time, they will crave for the company of their family and loved ones. However, even the simple companionship with their trusted caregiver is already enough to help them prevent extreme loneliness and depression.

  • Monitor Health Progress

    Sometimes, diseases are just harming one’s health, undetected. The failure to determine a senior’s health condition earlier is most of the time due to the lack of companionship and home care. With a care provider beside them to monitor their health, detecting the early signs of whatever disease they may have will easily be determined.

Health is everyone’s most precious possession, especially during the last stages of life. Help your senior loved ones achieve optimum health at home by letting them receive the most outstanding home health care in Columbus Ohio. Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. can be easily reached by calling 614-488-2266 or through our website at


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