The Importance of Health Care Services for Seniors Aging at Home

The Importance of Health Care Services for Seniors Aging at Home

Most seniors would prefer to continue aging at home rather than in a nursing facility. While this is a natural choice, as anyone would rather stay inside the comfort of their own private space rather than in an unfamiliar place, letting elderly people live independently at home would be too risky if they don’t have anyone to look after them. Because of this, Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., the most trusted provider of home health care in Columbus Ohio, offers comprehensive home health care services, from home health aide to different types of rehabilitative therapies for the seniors in our service area and beyond to have proper health and care in their homes. Home health care services are important for seniors for the following reasons:

  • Improve Personal Care

    If an elderly is left alone to take care of themselves, they usually end up neglecting their personal care and becoming smelly and untidy for days. This will lead to poor physical and social health. When a senior becomes too smelly for others to bear, he will end up being socially isolated and feel extreme loneliness. Neglecting personal care and hygiene will also make them more susceptible to common bacterial and infectious diseases.

  • Maintain and Improve Mobility

    If seniors are left on their own, instead of moving around to perform their tasks, they would probably end up just sitting idle most of the time as their bodies are no longer capable of performing daily living activities. Without proper assistance, they are not able to properly utilize and exercise their bodies. They may also experience physical pains and disability that are keeping them from being comfortable and performing their tasks. In that case, our outstanding physical therapists, at Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp., the premier provider of quality home health care in Columbus Ohio, are the right people to help them relieve the pain and physical condition they are suffering from and improve their physical health and mobility.

  • Monitor Diet and Health

    A healthy diet is important in maintaining an elderly person’s health. Because their health is becoming more sensitive and they have become more susceptible to diseases, there are certain foods that they should strongly avoid depending on their health condition. It’s best to have a dietician to prescribe them the most appropriate diet that would help maintain and improve their health as well as manage any disease they may have.

  • Provide Safety

    Safety is a major concern for elderly people. Aging has made their bodies drastically lose their function and optimum health. Because of this, they are prone to getting sick of suddenly falling down due to losing of strength, balance, or the capability to hold themselves up. With a caregiver beside them, they will be able to decrease their chances of falling down or getting harmed.

  • Better Mental and Emotional Health

    Being alone makes anyone feel extremely lonely. It’s worse for elderly people who are prone to having depression and anxiety. Annually, studies usually show a significant percentage of seniors committing suicide due to depression and loneliness. Depression and other mental health problems will only worsen whatever disease or physical disorder they may have. Social isolation or being alone inside the house most of the time will only be a disadvantage to their physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Manage Health and Disease

    Studies show that seniors who are receiving proper home care reduce hospital readmissions significantly. When they have a trusted and knowledgeable home health aide to accompany and assist them, their health can be properly maintained and their diseases managed.

Aging at home can be the best senior living arrangement if a trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced home care provider is involved. If you or your elderly loved ones are in need of an exceptional home health care in Columbus Ohio, you can easily reach Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. at 614-488-2266 or through our website at


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